It’s more of a new heart than a new vision

  • Burning Bush Boy


The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it? Jer. 17:9

Dear Lord, as you set me on this new task, the only challenge I have is my heart. I strongly believe that I have this kind of heart that cannot fully comprehend all that you want from and for me. Although it is meant to be my engine room, from where it should propel me to act, yet this engine is prone to failure.

Take it or leave, but the truth remains that if my heart is wounded by words or actions of others, I should immediately forget doing anything worthwhile. Darts must fly aiming at my heart, but while I cannot stop others from ferociously targeting my heart with these darts, I can, at least, be helped by way of ensuring that these darts do not penetrate an inch into my heart. Abi?

There are giants on the pathway, so I won’t be mincing words to say that I need help in order to properly measure up with these giants, define my person and arrive at a worthy conclusion on how best to tackle them. I am asking, “Will my heart, being wicked and deceitful, not tell me that I am not more than a grasshopper before these giants? Will it not tell me I have to run and abandon the dream project?”

Oh what a heart! Will it ever tell or make me see that the Christ in me is bigger and mightier than the stalking giants? Lord, I need you to rescue me from this deceitful heart, for it will not make me see these giants as just big enough for my seemingly little stone. Yes, I recall that David saw Goliath as a target big enough for his stone. With Goliath’s intimidating size, David was sure he could not miss his target. Folks, the bigger the giant, the more the assurance that your stone, if cast, cannot miss its target.

Just a minute! We need not forget that it is one thing to have a stone at hand; it is another to cast the stone at the right time. You must not be carried away watching the imposing giant before you and forget that you have a stone to throw. Let go of the stone in your hand and let the victory song and dance begin. Brethren, in this instance, a stone thrown (engaged) is worth more than ten at hand. Just a single “thrown-stone” was enough to bring Goliath down.

Fascinating you will say, but will my heart prompt me to see that I have a stone good enough to bring down my intimidating Goliath? Will I even consider myself to have such strength to sling the stone? What a terrible heart I have!

Lord, how do I tell you that my heart keeps telling me that what you have for me is impossible? One way of telling you that I see you not committed and faithful to your promises is by the way I drag my foot. The foot-dragging is a sign that I have a narrow heart; a heart too narrow to comprehend you and the task ahead of me.

I am so narrow minded to the extent that I cannot imagine the Creator of the Universe being interested in doing mighty things through vessels of clay such as I am. For me to see things the way you see them, Lord, you will have to intervene and enlarge my heart. Kindly help me to understand things, not from my own limited perception, but from your own limitless view.

This same heart of mine has also mastered the art of dressing up a weakness in me in hero’s garment. It has not failed to deceitfully tell me that I am doing great in certain areas, whereas, I may just be working below your expectation. Why is my heart set to destroy me? What kind of a terrible and wicked heart is this? Why won’t it just let me know the true position of my life? Why is it interested in shielding my weaknesses away from me and quick to calling them names associated with strength?

How can my life be filled with pride, yet my heart keeps telling me I am just the quiet type. Excuse me dear heart, why not own up and tell me that I am an embodiment of pride and not that I simply love to mind my own business. Stop it! Stop covering up my weaknesses! Allow me to cry for help before it gets too late!

Another unfortunate fact I have come to know about my heart is that since it is desperately wicked, it will do anything; go any mile and wear any garment to keep me misled. My terrible heart will set me against those I should curdle in love. My ‘awesome’ heart will show me obstacles and make me to take my flight from the very land the LORD has ordained for me.

Obviously, these obstacles are present, but why won’t my heart tell me that with God in me, I have a deposit of His power to bulldoze any of such obstacles? Hello, my dear, but wicked heart – don’t be surprised that I now know that the presence of the Holy Spirit in me makes me of no match to any of the sons of the Anakims still living in my time. Since I was wonderfully and fearfully created by God, how dare you say to me that I should see myself as a grasshopper before giants? I won’t agree to this! (Num. 13)

As you read through this article, I hope you know that the entire body gravitates towards whatever picture the heart is painting. The heart either propels the body to act positively or negatively. However, for such with a terrible heart as mine, I pray that the LORD GOD, whom we serve, will deliver us today in Jesus’ name. We have a duty to perform for the LORD in our generation and we cannot continue to allow our hearts to deceive us. We must have a perfect understanding of the situation on ground; a situation too odd for the ordinary heart to understand.

Our gaze must be beyond what our feeble heart is showing us. We must have a deeper insight of the challenges on our pathway. We know from God that this heart is desperate – desperately wicked and so we daily commit it unto the Lord for cleansing, purging and divine enlightenment.

The heart is the fallen engine room of man, but with the power of regeneration, the creation of a new heart is possible. Lord, I ask not for myself and others in my situation a refurbished heart, but a newly created heart. I wish for a heart that keeps the entire body going since it has a perfect and divine understanding of things. Grant me a heart that cannot lie to me about myself or the person and power of God. Lord, kindly give me a heart like yours and this will keep going. With a new heart, let me be able to truly and newly define myself.

At this point, need I say that I do not want a new vision, but a new heart to pursue the previously failed, but still relevant vision? And talking of a failed dream, didn’t it fail because my heart told me, (lied to me) that it was unrealizable. It told me I had to run and find another thing doing. It clearly deceived me that God was helpless and wicked in giving me such a vision to run with. Lord, could you imagine that I was so sure in my heart that you were going to disappoint me, so I quit?

My heart showed me my limitations, but it never made any attempt to unveil my eyes to see that Jesus was already going ahead of me, making straight all crooked paths. It kept me away from the truth that Jesus was already exalting the valleys and bringing low the mountains. Lord, not another vision, but a new heart to pursue what I have always believed to be impossible. Thank you Jesus!


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