You can’t use me; find another or do it yourself

You can’t use me; find another or do it yourself

  • Burning Bush Boy

And so Absalom died! Oti o! You mean Absalom is dead? Yes! Absalom, the Oba l’ola (The heir apparent), who could not wait for David, his father, to die before enthroning himself as king, is dead. Prior to his death, we learnt of how he successfully staged a coup and mercilessly sent King David into exile.

It was reported of how Absalom went all the way to cease his father’s throne; humiliating him before his subjects. From what we know of David, he would have gallantly fought to defend his kingdom and kingship, but he didn’t. Had it been a Philistine king threatening, the people said, David would have fought back fearlessly. He wouldn’t have held his peace, but because he didn’t want to turn the heat on his own blood, his son, he humbly left the state capital without any resistance.

David’s men, however, felt otherwise. They fought back to restore him, but not without first an instruction from him that nobody should harm Absalom. Now the king had commanded Joab, Abishai and Ittai, saying, “Deal gently FOR MY SAKE with the young man Absalom.” And all the people heard when the king gave all the captains orders concerning Absalom. 2 Sam. 18:5. No matter what happened, David wanted Absalom alive:

Absalom had to flee when he could no longer cope with the tide against him and as he ran, he got caught in a thicket where he was found by a certain man. This man, having heard the king’s instruction to treat Absalom gently, did not harm Absalom. Instead of stealing the show and robbing Joab of the glory of capturing Absalom and running to David, he reported his discovery to Commander Joab and that was his mistake. He had just told the wrong person! He assumed wrongly that Joab, who received David’s instruction firsthand, would comply, but Joab had a different mind.

On hearing this, Joab wondered why the man did not kill Absalom right away and be rewarded for it, but the man replied: Though I should receive a thousand shekels of silver in my hand, I would not raise my hand against the king’s son. FOR IN OUR HEARING the king commanded you and Abishai and Ittai, saying, ‘Beware lest anyone touch the young man Absalom! 2 Sam. 18:12.

For whatever reason, this man saw no reason to disobey the king. No reward was actually rewarding enough to disobey the king’s instruction, especially since he was present when the king gave the order. There was no way he could feign ignorance.

Lord, are there not souls who have defied your instructions on the grounds of seeking for some earthly reward? Many have ignored the KING’s instruction, because of material or financial reward and many are daily claiming to be ignorant of what God demand of them. No matter the show you put up, God is fully aware you heard and understood Him correctly.

Back to the story: The man further said to Joab: “Otherwise I would have dealt falsely against my own life. For there is nothing hidden from the king and you yourself would have set yourself against me.” 2 Sam. 18:13.

Oh what a man of understanding! Whenever a man chooses to disobey the king’s (God’s) order for whatever reason, he does so at the peril of his own life. Simply put, every act against God’s instruction is an act against your own life.

You deal falsely against your own life when you are rewarded by men like Joab to disobey God. And again, any act of disobedience against God is not hidden from him. The man understood that the king’s ears, just as His eyes, are everywhere. What would he do that David would not eventually get to know? What have you been doing thinking that God is not aware?

The man understood that if he disobeyed David and he’s being brought to book, even Joab will deny him. In fact, the first person that will rise against him would be the same Joab. What an understanding!

Today, the same devil promising you rewards to disobey God would be the first person to report you to God tomorrow, if not immediately. He will lure you into sin and be the first to accuse you before God. Think of it this way. When the punishment or repercussion of your sins comes, will he be there to share it with you? No! The enemy of our souls will lead us into sin and then back out; leaving us to bear the brunt of our actions alone.

Joab was willing to pay the man a thousand shekel to disobey the instruction of the king, yet he was going to leave the man to face the music alone. He knew the king would eventually get to know and when that happens, Joab was going to deny the man and let him face the full penalty of his disobedience alone.

The devil will lead you into error and later deny you. Even though you say, “The devil made you do it,” yet the devil will not be around to either defend you or share your punishment with you. Instead of accepting rewards to act in disobedience to your King, why not pray for the grace to frustrate the Joab urging you against the goodwill of God.

At last, “Joab said, I can’t waste my time with you.” He then grabbed three knives and stabbed Absalom in the heart…2 Sam. 18:14. I love the above scripture!

When Joab knew there was no way he was going to convince this man to commit the offence, he pushed him aside and got the dirty work done himself. Standing firm on his conviction, the man frustrated the attempts of Joab to make him commit a crime against the king’s order. He frustrated Joab to the point that Joab saw it a waste of time trying to convince him. Wonderful!

Allow me to conclude by saying that I have chosen to stand firm on the side of righteousness, so much that the enemy of my soul will see that he is just wasting his time with me. I want a life that will frustrate the demons, (even though they hardly give up), to the extent of preferring to quit.

Let the Joab pestering me to be disobedient either look for someone else to carry out his evil plan or let him do it himself; after all, Joab did it himself. I pray that you will not be available for the enemy to push you into sin and with the help of the Holy Spirit in you, be steadfast to frustrate his evil suggestions.


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