In the beginning

In the beginning

-Burning Bush Boy

The first verse of the first chapter of the first book in the Bible, states that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” – Gen. 1:1. Thus, the name of the first person acknowledged and introduced to mankind by the Bible, was God. No other name came up before His, because there was no other person in the beginning. God was the God in the beginning and He remains the God of the beginning.

God did not suddenly appear midway into the drama. He didn’t show up on the scene when others had been introduced, performed and had made their impressions. He was in the beginning and by Him; others were introduced into the scene. That is, He was the one who introduced all (man, animals, trees, water, sun, moon, stars, etc.) that we see today.

Being there in the beginning, it would be right to say that God understands the root or history of everything in the world. Nothing confuses Him, because He introduced all there is. He has a perfect reasoning of things, people or situations. He is fully in-charge!

Going forward, you will also notice that the Bible introduced God to us as a CREATOR. It means, therefore that the first thing we knew of God was that He was a Creator – The Creator to be precise! Just before we knew Him to be the Father, He was first the Creator – our Creator. Just before He became our Shield, He was first our Creator. Just before we knew Him as our Provider, He was first our Creator. Just before any other thing you know of God, He is first and above all, the Creator of the heaven and the earth.

The good news is that over the years, God has not ceased being the Creator. Since He is truly the same yesterday, today and forever, He remains the Creator even as you read. Is anything, therefore, missing in a place or in a life? God still has the power to create or bring it forth. He still has the power to give definite shapes to shapeless or formless lives and situations. I am glad to announce that His power to fill up void lives with good things is very much intact and I am not bluffing to say that He can dethrone darkness wherever it reigns by introducing light. Rejoice! God, the Creator, is the same in the beginning, now in 2015 and always.

Now let’s read further into the second verse of the same Genesis chapter one: “And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The earth, made up of its different landscapes, mountains, rivers and seas, obviously look lovely and magnificent. Isn’t it? It’s a beauty to behold the sky in the night filled with stars and the moon. The different trees in the forest also add up to the beauty we are talking about. What about the numerous, but different species of land, air and sea animals? In their great number, they adorn the earth with their full grandeur. Whether in the day or night time, the earth is indeed a lovely sight.

To cap it all, God created the most adorable creature of all – human beings. He gave us creative minds to harness the earth’s resources and work towards making the earth more beautiful. Over the years, human beings have done a lot in putting together these resources in proportions and to come up with lovely creations.

Yes, we have wars, famine, pestilences and what have you, but in spite of all said and done, the earth is still a wonder to behold. It is sad that the problems confronting the earth are the handiwork of the same man God put in charge of the dressing and keeping of it. However, if God permits, the failure or success of the man regarding his responsibility over the earth will be an issue for another time.

We know that the beauty of the earth we appreciate today was not available at the very beginning. In the beginning, there was nothing, absolutely nothing beautiful and fascinating about the earth. The Bible says, And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep

That was it! The Bible made it so clear that the lovely earth we cherish today was, at the beginning, a formless mass. Before the days of the rivers and seas; mountains, sky, stars, moon and sun; before the appearance of the trees and animals, the earth, this lovely earth, was empty/void. Today, we see the glory of the stars, moon and sun and we are dazed. They work together to give us day and night time and if they so choose, they give us the different eclipses we know of. Nobody, except God, would have imagined that what was once a dark, formless and empty mass had so much glory within it. Would you have imagined that this glorious shinning earth was initially a bundle of confusion?

So how come the transformation? How come the earth was adorned with glorious constituents? Who gave the earth a definite form; at least we now know that the earth is oval in shape? What about the illumination of the earth through the cooperation of the sun, moon and stars? Who brought about the lovely landscapes, the seas and rivers; animals, the fruits and what have you?

An arm of science told us all these things happened by chance – a BIG BANG and behold, like magic; pieces of the earth’s lovely constituents came together in a definite order. Evolution teaches us that man (you) evolved from Apes. You were initially an Ape, before you gradually, over millions of years, got transformed into a man that we see today. With the processes of evolution still in progress, we may soon wake up to discover that we have evolved into another form of animal. The complexity of our biological system may change and our hands may evolve to become wings. Hmm! When it happens, we will know what name to call the newly evolved animal, but until then, enjoy yourself being human!

Again, I do not wish to dwell on a ground that I know holds nothing, but allows whoever stands on it to sink. Just as it is not my concern in this article to dig deep into the failure or success of man in handling the earth, so it is not my focus to dwell on the science or theories of evolution. As for me, I am contented with, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth – including me and every other thing in the world”.

That aside, it gives me great pleasure to know that God was behind the marvelous transformation of the earth. God appeared on the scene and gave it a shape. He stepped into an empty earth and filled it up with wonders. The earth was wallowing in darkness until God intervened and lighted it up. He brought about a difference; a major difference that has lasted over the years. In fact, God is the difference! He took away the reproach of the earth. He brought a meaning to a meaningless and purposeless empty mass. Who else could have brought about this transformation, if not God? He is God and I worship Him!

Brethren, no matter how ugly a situation may be at the very start of a journey, with God, it will soon turn out lovely. I have this conviction in my heart that the formlessness and emptiness of a thing cannot intimidate God. I may be troubled by the shaky start of my journey; great darkness may envelope my vision, but with the Spirit of God still available to hover on my terrible situation, I know, for sure that my earth will turn out a lovely entity to behold. This ugly sight will soon be a beauty for men to queue up to see.

How is it today with your life, work, career, academics, business, family and ministry? Things may indeed be very rough in the beginning; your vision may appear cloudy; the first step you took may appear not to have taken you any closer to your destination – such is usually the case in the beginning. In the beginning, you may not get to see the actual shape of what you are working on. Your storehouse, bank and brain may actually be empty; your efforts void, yet with God, all will soon turn out glorious.

Have I made my point? I should have, but if you are yet to get it, here is the summary of it. With the Spirit of God available to hover over your life and situation, you can be rest assured that He is collecting data of what should be that are not and what shouldn’t be, yet existing in your life. Though you have an awkward beginning, as long as the Spirit of God is upon your life, He will eventually give a form to whatever is formless. He will eventually fill up your empty life with wonders and don’t you ever think He will leave you in darkness. Behold, your light has come!

If there is anything you should then work towards, it should be to ensure that your life is attractive to the Holy Spirit of God. As long as He is with you, you have God’s transforming power. He worked upon the earth from the scratch and since He is the same yesterday, today and forever, the ugliness and emptiness I see today are giving way. Though your beginning be formless, void and dark; at the end, an embodiment of beauty shall appear. Remember that the God in 2015 is still THE CREATOR!


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