Deaconess Phinehas

This is sequel to the article, God or His Ark and I trust the Lord to use this portion to save families from destruction. I particularly urge married sisters to read meditatively and stand to redeem their husbands and children from God’s looming judgment in homes that this may be applicable. All the same, the message therein is for everyone.

What about Mrs. Phinehas?

What about her? You will recall that her husband, Phinehas, was one of the sons of Prophet Eli. He was a priest of the Lord together with his brother, Hophni. However, their actions in the temple were appalling. They dipped their hands into the purse, so to say, of the ministry without anybody bold enough to challenge them.

Phinehas and his brother formed a tag-team and they took charge of the temple to the extent that people hated going there to worship God. Immediately they were able to unseat God, permit me to say, from His throne, they installed theirs and whatever they did or said was final.

Phinehas lived big as a man of God until God’s judgment, as predicted, came upon him. He died alongside his brother, probably also trying to save the Ark of God from being captured. Theirs was a family who lived and died for the Ark of God without any regard for the God of the Ark.

So what about Mrs. Phinehas, the daughter-in-law of Eli?

When she also heard the devastating news of the deaths of Eli, of her husband and her brother-in-law, Hophni, she stood as a rock, holding on as a great woman of faith. While other sisters would have fainted hearing this tragic news, Mrs. Phinehas, being a Mother-in-Israel and a mighty Prayer Warrior, stood without the news having any effect on her posture and composure. You don’t get to see such great women easily!

Anyway, things, however, changed when they told her the Ark of God had fallen into the hands of the Philistines. Hearing this heart-rending news about the Ark, she instantly fell into labour, for she was pregnant. Pronto, she delivered a son while dying. However, before she breathed her last, she named her newly born son, Ichabod, meaning, “The Glory is departed from Israel…for the ark of God is taken.” I Sam. 4:21-22.

Now, how do you explain this? Like Eli, her father-in-law, she also died for the Ark of God and not for the God of the Ark. I have stated this time and again. The name Ichabod – the departed glory, has nothing to do with the death of her husband, but all about the captured Ark of God. Wonderful woman!

While she may appear as very spiritual and committed to the things of God, I will say Mrs. Phinehas should have realized before now that the glory of Israel departed the moment her husband started living beyond his income as a priest and not when the Ark was eventually captured by the enemies.

How come our sister did not notice the departed glory of Israel when her husband started stealing God’s offering? Excuse me, when exactly was the Ark of God captured? The Ark had long been spiritually captured and made impotent by the actions of her husband. What are we talking about here and who is fooling who? I expected her to have collapsed the first time she noticed her husband coming home with millions of money, but instead of crying out to God, she gave her hubby a big hug and a warm kiss.

They lived big on stolen offerings. When they built and moved into their mansion, did she ask where the money came from? She appeared to have painted a very godly picture of herself by dying for the Ark, but are we to assume she did not know her loving husband was stealing from the God of this same Ark?

Dear sister, is it true that you are ignorant that your husband is living beyond his means? Is it true that you do not know the source of the money coming from him into your hands and home? Why are you looking the other way knowing he has started stealing from his office and from the purse of the ministry?

Is he not making some people sad to make you happy at home? Has he not physically and spiritually killed many to keep you and your children alive? Is he not falsifying accounting records to pay your children’s school fees? Will you be bothered about how he is getting his money as long as you keep having a lot of it to shop around the malls and fly abroad for vacations?

You may go ahead and shun God’s warning. You may pretend as though this is just the imagination of the writer. Go on and push this message aside, but when it happens, (it must happen), please don’t go into any labour and never let me hear you go calling the innocent baby boy coming into the world, Ichabod. It is wickedness on your part to die and subject the poor baby to live with a terrible name as such.

Dear sister, the yearning of my heart is that you go right away and seek the Lord’s face for mercy, because I know that many of our husbands have carelessly opened strange doors of affliction into our homes. You can labour before Him in prayers for the conversion of your Phinehas (husband) and for the deliverance of your family.

And if you are the Phinehas in question, please, dear brother, don’t force God’s judgment on yourself and don’t push your family into an avoidable destruction. I know you love them and no matter the situation, God can still and He is so much willing to help you out.

Phinehas and his wife fed lavishly; they defiled the Lord’s Table together. That she mourned religiously about the departed glory of Israel and died after hearing about the captured ark meant nothing. By working so closely with her husband in looting God’s treasury, she couldn’t have washed her hands clean off the departed glory of Israel. If it were possible to wake her up, please tell her that she died in vain, because she contributed to the departed glory.

Brethren, you may also go ahead and sound so worried about the sorry state of the Body of Christ; go ahead and sound so religiously concerned about how radical Islam is daily becoming a thorn in the flesh of Christians; sing and dance that Christianity is growing when you truly know that all we have is a growing number of toothless Church attendees. Pray as though you are concerned about the deplorable state of Nigeria; in fact, you can even choose to die for the revival of the world, but as long as you have a hand in what we see on ground, you have a case to answer.

Prophet Eli and Deaconess Phinehas shouldn’t have died if they had responded to God’s warning at the very beginning. If they had obeyed God, Israel would have won against the Philistines, the Ark wouldn’t have been captured and they would have lived.

The cry of my heart is that we won’t die deceiving ourselves and those around us, for God CANNOT be deceived by our show of respect for His Ark while we flagrantly disrespect Him! Obedience to God’s rebuke saves from unnecessary misfortune. 

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