Ariwo l’asan (Mere Noise!)

Today, I go about looking to tell all existing Eli of the need to arise and prevent the further loss of God’s soldiers dying in service and sadly IN THE CHURCH. I call on the elders to stop being indifferent to Ark bearers like Hophni and Phinehas accompanying God’s Ark all about.


Deaconess Phinehas

Dear sister, is it true that you are ignorant that your husband is living beyond his means? Is it true that you do not know the source of the money coming from him into your hands and home? Why are you looking the other way knowing he has started stealing from his office and from the purse of the ministry?

Faith of our fathers – Naboth’s Story

His name is Naboth and he is well known for possessing a greatly-priced vineyard located next to the King’s palace in the very heart of the Government Reserved Area (GRA) in Jezreel, Israel. I wouldn’t know what could be in a vineyard, but this vineyard, which was an inheritance from his fathers, made all eyes set on him.

In the beginning

In the beginning -Burning Bush Boy The first verse of the first chapter of the first book in the Bible, states that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” – Gen. 1:1. Thus, the name of the first person acknowledged and introduced to mankind by the Bible, was God. No other name... Continue Reading →

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